Advocacy for our Laboratorians

Our primary goal is to advocate for our profession and our patients. We do this by representing the interests of the medical laboratory and affiliated professions and members of the Society in all government and other forums that are affected by these interests and being involved in national and state legislation. We also advocate for the visibility of the medical laboratory profession to be seen by the general public and other healthcare professions, in related to the critical services we provide in healthcare.


We strive to provide quality educational opportunities for laboratory professionals and aim to provide P.A.C.E credits for those laboratorians participating in the ASCP CMP program. These modalities include webinars, seminars, local conferences.

ASCLS-CNE Board of Directors 2023-2024

President: Kelcey Harper
President-Elect: Vacant
Past-President: Michael Iodice
Secretary: Leslie Martineau
Treasurer: Maddie Josephs
Director: Christine Griffin
Director: Matthew Duquette
Director: Erica Willis
Director: Shaughn Nalezinski
Ascending Professional: Patricia Croft
Developing Professional: Vacant